What is CIRS

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is a complex multi system, multi symptom illness in genetically susceptible people, after exposure to the interior of a water damaged building (WDB).

CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) inflicts catastrophic damage throughout the immune, hormonal, musculoskeletal, respiratory, ocular, gastrointestinal, hypothalamic, and neurological pathways.

Haplotype studies of Australian, New Zealand and American populations (as an example, not exclusively) have revealed 24% of the population have a lack of ability to make an antigen presentation to their immune system when exposed to a biotoxin (a toxin made by a living organism).

If you DO NOT have HLA DR positivity and do not belong to the above 24% of people in Australia with faulty genes, then your body will be able to mount a defence to Biotoxins and you should recover your health when you stop any exposure to the water damaged environment and support your health and detox pathways.

If you DO NOT have the HLA haplotype then your innate immune system will effectively speak to your adaptive immune system and you will code an appropriate response to a foreign invader (mould mycotoxins) in your body. Your T cells will instruct your B cells to seek out and destroy and remove these nasties when they are tagged. If you do not have compromised health for other reasons your recovery should be prompt.

If you DO have the faulty immune genes of the HLA DR Haplotype then you WILL NOT code an antigen when your body is faced with a Biotoxin. There will be an ineffective and chaotic response which will result in unchecked inflammation.

This is CIRS.

Welcome to the entity of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.