Further Information Regarding CIRS-WDB


Dr Sandeep Gupta and Dr Scott McMahon, experienced CIRS Physicians discuss the under recognised CIRS-WDB presentation, diagnosis and treatment in the paediatric population.

Dr Joe Mercola interview with Dr Ritchie Shoemaker regarding CIRS. What it is, how to test for this illness and a treatment platform.

Mike Mutzel interviews Dr Keith Berndtson a Shoemaker Certified Physician, regarding Mould Illness (CIRS-WDB).

Dr Ritchie Shoemaker interview with Chris Kresser regarding the Biotoxin Illness called CIRS.

Dr Jill Carnahan and Dr Sandeep Gupta, both Shoemaker Certified Physicians, discuss Mould Illness (CIRS) and Mast Cells.

Dr Mary Ackerly and Dr Sandeep Gupta discuss the way CIRS (Mould Illness) affects the brain. How both swelling and atrophy appear in the brains of people with this Biotoxin Illness. A UNIQUE mould FINGERPRINT is evident on MRI using NEUROQUANT software.

Mike Mutzel interviews Dr Jill Carnahan about CIRS (Mould Illness) in genetically vulnerable people and what constitutes a mould toxin.