Vacuum Cleaners

There are many components of a WDB (Water Damaged Building) that may be toxic to the mould illness affected person but one thing is certain, the quality of the air must be extremely clean.  Vacuuming without finely filtering the filth in the air that is circulated through your machine is not advised. HEPA filtration, incorporated in your vacuum is the best technology available.  Additional air purification is usually attained with an air filter in your WDB or the new space you use.

Patients with CIRS need to maintain their environment as dust free as possible. Australian’s with CIRS report excellent results using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Filter) filter vacuums. The trend in new vacuums being released since 2017 is to produce bagless models, however it is preferable that CIRS patients use models with replaceable bags and HEPA filtration. The below models are available in Australia and have replaceable bags and filters. Some offer carbon filters along with HEPA filters.

SEBO K3 Premium

Nilfisk GD930 HepaFilter

Electrolux Ultraflex Animal Allergy Power

Miele Complete C3 Total Care

Sauber Excellence SE-400