The Shoemaker Protocol

Dr Ritchie Shoemaker

The Shoemaker Protocol has been used for nearly 3 decades, having been through several revisions.

The protocol has been graphically represented in a pyramid containing the 11 steps of the treatment pathway. Not all patients will require all steps. Your pyramid will be the one that returns you to pre-mould wellness. There is no set timeline for how long this will take to occur. This may be a 6 month, 24 month or 5 year process.

If at anytime you are exposed to biotoxins during your treatment process, then you will need to return to the bottom of the pyramid again and start climbing through the steps once more.

Any exposure, no matter how small, if you have HLA positivity, will throw your immune system into chaos as no effective antigen presentation will take place. You must manually bind your biotoxin load and remove it with the binder Cholestyramine as your immune system will not complete this job for you. Once you have completed this task and passed the VCS eye test you can commence climbing your pyramid once more.

Please stick to the science as published by Dr Shoemaker and do not fall into the trap of adhering to whispers in the dark or water cooler discussion for your treatment plan.

The Shoemaker Protocol is your best chance of returning to pre-CIRS health.