This medication, script only in Australia, is an alternate or complimentary binder of Biotoxins that Dr Shoemaker recommends and has had success with.

Until recently this medication was only available in the US. It can now be ordered here in Australia at Kingsway Compounding. As with Aspartame free Cholestyramine, this medication is also extremely expensive. At approximately $340 AUD for 180 capsules it is out of reach of some patients. For our family we purchased this medication in bulk, once, to cut down on cost and then used it with Cholestyramine by alternating the medications. We pulsed it over the space of 3 months. Again with the understanding that SOME prescription binder is better than none.

Colesevelam has only 25% of the binding capacity that Cholestyramine has but it appears to target different Biotoxins for binding and removal. This is why some Doctors and patients prefer it. Colesevelam is also less likely to irritate sensitive stomachs and so is prescribed more widely for that reason.