Handy Tips From The Author

CIRS is an Illness of Massive Unremitting Inflammation.

CIRS inflammation is system wide and has negative effects on the entire body. The normal blood markers Physicians use to determine inflammatory status are usually within range despite the patient suffering from CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). Specific tests however do show up this inflammatory tsunami. Please refer to the Shoemaker CIRS Test Panel.

After removing yourself from exposure to your water damaged space, first and foremost you can start working on reducing your inflammation.

Use High Dose Fish Oil (Omega 3 Fatty Acids)

High dosing of high potency fish oil will be the mainstay of your CIRS treatment program and will also need to be kept on hand consistently going forward. Omega 3 Fatty Acids have a long and illustrious well researched profile for reducing inflammation.

During the active phase of treatment especially, aim to SUPPLEMENT daily with (Shoemaker suggested) high dose Omega-3 fatty acids (FISH OIL) at a minimum:

2.4g EPA


1.8g DHA

In comparison the Heart Foundation of Australia recommends 250mg EPA & 500mg DHA daily for good therapeutic heart health so the CIRS treatment doses are very hefty.

The author of this website uses TWICE the above Shoemaker recommendations daily in order to achieve the lowered bodily inflammation benefits.

The Author of this site relies on 3 brands of fish oil. Listed in order of strength and preference:

1. Bioceuticals UltraClean 85 Liquid High Strength Liquid Fish Oil 200ml, gluten & soy free

2. Natural Factors, Ultra Strength 150 Caps Enteripure Softgels, gluten & soy free

3. Metagenics Metapure Enteric 240 Caps Molecularly distilled, gluten & soy free

Dr Shoemaker actually recommends the strict PRE-LOADING for 6-10 days with high dose FISH OIL BEFORE starting CSM (Cholestyramine) to avoid intensification. Not everyone will experience this. It is believed to be much MORE common with the CIRS-LYME cohort. 

Eat a Low Amylose Diet

It is advised by Shoemaker Certified Physicians that SIDE EFFECTS from CSM will be LESS troublesome if a low amylose diet (no bananas, nothing grown underground-except onions and garlic, and no gluten) is adopted for 3 months.

This will facilitate a down regulated inflammatory response.

Use Alternate Binders

If HLA POSITIVE and given a diagnosis of CIRS then Cholestyramine is the binder of choice to remove Biotoxins. Using Cholestyramine disrupts enterohepatic recirculation which prevents ongoing accumulation of Biotoxins in the body. Alternate binders are also used but WILL NOT shift biomarkers, as per Dr Ritchie Shoemaker. Recovery from CIRS will only occur with the use of the Shoemaker Protocol (strictly using Cholestyramine) and the judicious use of the Shoemaker Pyramid.

If HLA NEGATIVE and given a diagnosis of Mould Illness (NOT CIRS) then bentonite clays, citrus pectins, activated charcoal, zeolites, chitosan, chlorella, spirulina and Orthosilicic Acid (silica) will assist in binding toxins in your gut and tissues. These are referred to as ALTERNATE BINDERS.

Irrespective of which protocol you are on, DO NOT GET CONSTIPATED as all biotoxins EXIT YOUR BODY WHEN YOU PASS STOOLS.

The Author of this site eats 2 types of supplemental fibre whilst using CSM (Cholestyramine):-

1. Chia Seeds , 2 Tablespoons per day equals approximately 11g of fibre

2. Psyllium Husk Powder, 2 tablespoons per day equals approximately 4.4g of fibre

It is advised that fibre supplements be taken away from medication or vitamin and mineral supplements.

Australian Nutritional Guidelines advise to eat up to 25g of fibre for adult females per day and 30g of fibre for adult males per day. This can be from a variety of sources.

Use Far Infrared Sauna

Far infrared sauna has many scientific studies published of health benefits. Compared to traditional sauna they are far more comfortable to use, heating the ambient air to only 60 degrees celsius versus the 85-110 degrees celsius people usually bake in. This milder heat is shown to assist in detoxing through the dermis by the route of sweating.

Far Infrared sauna rays penetrate far into the skin and activate sweat glands, as deeply as the hypodermis,  allowing for the removal of toxins accumulated in the body.  This long wavelength of far infrared light increases circulation and provides deep relaxation.

Many CIRS patients report relief of symptoms when using Far Infrared sauna (FIR).

The author of this site has noticed immense benefit from FIR. Even one 45 minute session per week reduced inflammation and facilitated less joint and muscle pain

Eat Your Cholesterol

The author of this website and her family members eat plenty of grass fed organic butter, cream, cheese and organic egg yolks when using Cholestyramine.

This is to ensure cholesterol levels do not run too low. Dietry cholesterol is typically found only in animal products such as meat, dairy, egg yolks, fish eggs (caviar) and especially prawns (shrimp). The body also produces an endogenous supply of cholesterol.

Cholestyramine BINDS all substances in the gut while transiting through which include supplements, medications and cholesterol. Make sure to dose your Cholestyramine and alternate binders a minimum of 1 hour prior or 2 hours after food and drink.

As cholesterol is the precursor to 5 important classes of hormones (progestagens, glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, androgens and estrogens) it is important to still eat enough cholesterol whilst concurrently removing cholesterol (bound to bile acids in the intestine by the Cholestyramine).

In the body cholesterol is made in the liver. Removing it with cholestyramine prompts the liver to produce more cholesterol. This process of refurbishment means there is a continuous supply of Biotoxins into the gut released in the bile ready to be bound (if there is a binder that has been consumed) and excreted. This is why the CIRS patient begins to feel relief. With more and more of the Biotoxin bound and removed, the toxic burden is lessened and with it the horrible symptoms.


•ANY Cholestyramine is better than none.

•Even taking Cholestyramine WITH food is better than none.

•Taking minuscule doses of Cholestyramine will still have a POSITIVE effect on your Biotoxin load.

•Reduce your dose if necessary, take with food if necessary, stop for a while if necessary BUT Cholestyramine and Welchol are the two medications that positively SHIFT blood biomarkers in CIRS patients.

•Cholestyramine is completely and absolutely VITAL TO YOUR RECOVERY.