The author of this website was diagnosed CIRS-WDB during 2017, along with her family, in Australia.

CIRS-WDB (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome-Water Damaged Building) is colloquially known as mould illness.

The journey into an abyss of health darkness started with a plumbing leak in the ceiling space of the family residence which went undetected for considerable time. Despite eventual repair and remediation of the toxigenic cavity, A tsunami of ill health continued in all members of the family, due to the genetics of HLA DR positivity.

The author’s unyielding and obstinate belief that there was a strange connection between the home and everyone’s crippling health, led to determined and purposeful research of cyberspace for a solution.  This led her to an American Doctor and his discovery of an environmentally acquired illness, called CIRS.

Sincere thanks to Dr Ritchie Shoemaker for joining the initial dots in 1997, regarding biotoxin inducing illness, and placing his research and peer reviewed studies in the public domain.  This is the ladder upon which the author and her family are attempting to climb away from disability and despair.

The Science is in.

Find a Physician who knows it.

The Shoemaker Protocol works.

Apply it with rigour!

In good health from me to you.

May 2018

Ps. The Australian Government is holding a National Inquiry into Biotoxin Illness in this country in 2018.