VCS Eye Test

One of the Neurological functions of vision that the optic nerve conducts is contrast. This allows the human eye to make objects distinguishable from one another. In a field of view, several objects are discernible from one another due to the difference in colour and brightness. This is contrast.

Mycotoxins (toxic metabolites and fragments released by mould) are ionophores and target nerve cells in the human body. As the inhaled Biotoxin travels through fatty cell membranes it reaches the optic nerve, a very short distance from the mouth or nose where it first entered the body.

This negative effect on contrast (a Neurological function of vision) is measurable using an online visual screening test called a VCS. This test can be completed at home or in a Physicians office to help determine possible exposure to mould toxins. The test will deliver a qualitative pass or fail. A fail can help determine if further testing is warranted.

If you believe you have been exposed to a WDB and fail the VCS, then blood tests, including most importantly the HLA DR/DQ gene test, should be done immediately. If this is positive then an environmental test on the DNA of mould fragments from your toxic space should be completed. With all of these results in hand you will need a Shoemaker Certified or Shoemaker Aware Physician to examine you in order to confirm or deny CIRS-WDB (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome-Water Damaged Building).

Going forward IF you do receive a positive CIRS-WDB diagnosis, the VCS test is used to guide treatment success and to inform whether you have suffered an exposure to biotoxins once again. An exposure will again affect your vision contrast.

For the rest of your life, even after successful treatment your susceptibility will remain. Your genetics determine your vulnerability and they will not change. Therefore your risk for becoming unwell after a Biotoxin exposure remains high throughout your lifetime.