The Test

A NeuroQuant is a computer software program that is applied to the values that a normal MRI scan produces. This is old technology, usually reserved for traumatic brain injury patients, however one of the original creators of this test noticed that people with Mould Illness, when scanned, display a consistently similar pattern of abnormality.

A ‘mould’ brain is readily identifiable!

Unique functional and structural brain abnormalities are apparent on the scans of mould affected CIRS-WDB patients.  There is a disturbance to the white brain matter and grey brain matter which provides a highly unique fingerprint. These patients display  decreased volume of the Caudate Nucleus, but concomitant increased swelling of Palladium and Parenchyma brain regions. The brain volume changes found were all bilateral. All of these abnormalities are linked with neurological and sometimes neuropsychiatric symptoms in CIRS-WDB patients. With targeted CIRS treatment, using VIP spray, these abnormalities do usually disappear and the patient can achieve pre-CIRS wellness.


Medicare: The MRI test can be covered by Medicare, if GP notates item 63551 and patient fulfils the criteria of either:
1. Unexplained seizures or
2. Chronic headaches with suspected intracranial pathology

There will usually be an additional out of pocket expense for NeuroQuant processing by Cortech Labs ($100-200 AUD)

List of Centres

List of Centres that will perform NEUROQUANT in Australia