HLA DQ/DR Gene Test


The HLA DQ/DR gene test requires a blood sample drawn from the arm. Specific HLA immune response genes have been linked to an increased risk for developing a variety of Auto Immune diseases (ie. Coeliac Disease, Graves Disease, Sjogrens Syndrome) and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).

This blood test must be drawn at a Sonic Healthcare pathology lab or branch. Check for the branch locations in your State of Australia.

Any Dr can request this pathology test for you and the Medicare item number is 71151. If you need to pay in total for the test because your Dr will not bulk bill it, the fee ranges between $118-$180.

A mould aware practitioner can interpret these results for you and you can also load them into a calculator created by Adam Glass with reference to Dr Shoemaker, that will list your genetic vulnerabilities.

The reason it is important to clarify your status of HLA (Human leukocyte antigen) type, is to assess your risk factors for CIRS and how likely your health will be affected by water damaged buildings (WDB). Certain HLA DR genes are likely to present in the sickest CIRS patients.

Currently the importance of this test in diagnosis of CIRS-WDB cannot be overstated, however in the future as science expands there may be other genetics and biomarkers that replace this one.

Why Family Members Have Different HLA Vulnerability

Can some members of a household develop CIRS while others do not?


Many people ask the question why do members of a family regularly exposed to the same WDB (home, school, office, vehicle, public building) show different rates of illness.

It is quite possible that one child will have two copies of a gene that increases susceptibility for CIRS while others will have none. Genetic makeup denotes whether we receive one, two or no faulty HLA genes from our parents. It is feasible that any child in the family can have two faulty immune response genes or no copies at all. The more serious cases of CIRS usually have two copies of the faulty gene and there may be only one poor sufferer of CIRS in an entire household or sadly everyone may be ill.

All that is required is EXPOSURE to a WDB and faulty HLA genes to bring about the loss of regulation of inflammation. Once this has occurred the sufferer is deeply embedded in this wretched illness.